Cold Sweats. Light-Headed. Congestion. My First TRX Workout.

Well that was a great start to my newest workout plan.  Yesterday was my first TRX class and it started out great.  The class is a full group, mixed of students both new (me!) and seasoned.  The class is taught by Megan Poss of Roots Yoga & Fitness Studio in Spokane.  I know Megan from her past work in the Admission Office at Gonzaga and she is great.

The class started great and quickly I was dripping in sweat.  Not bad for a new system.  We went through an array of different exercises and I quickly learned that I a) don’t have the best balance on 1 foot, even when using the handles, b) I currently don’t work out my legs enough.

About 30 minutes into the workout I started get congested and was sure to keep reaching for my water during our breaks, but I just keep feeling worse and worse.  Once we finished and started stretching, it all caught up with me. I had the cold sweats, was light-headed and just need to sit down.  This is something that in the past has only happened when working out early in the mornings, but here it was.  I ended up being fine and will be sure to eat more before my next class next week.

That being said, I am excited to keep going with TRX because it does a lot of good that I don’t really get in my other workouts each week.

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