#RoofReacts to CW Fall Trailers

Trailers for most of the new fall series have been spread across the internet in the few weeks since the 2012 Upfronts and they always bring a mixed bag of thoughts and feelings with them.  Here is a series of posts of my reactions to the new shows on network television for Fall 2012.  These views are based on what I see in the trailers below and remember that I am picky with my thoughts.

Now we get to The CW.  They seem to make some strange choices every year, and canceling a show that was rated higher than 4 of the ones they kept is just the latest in the long line of misfires from the network.  I actually enjoy the network overall, even if I don’t watch many of the shows.  They had One Tree Hill which is one of my all time favorites and I was hoping they would pick up the Aimee Teegarden-led The Selection, but while it wasn’t picked up yet, there is talk its still in contention after some reworking.

Emily Owens, M.D. – Tuesday 9:00 PM

Starring Mamie Gummer, Justin Hartley, & Michael Rady

My Thoughts:  This show looks dead on arrival.  I don’t think little Meryl can carry a show on her own, and up against Happy Endings, Apt. 23, NCIS:LA, New Girl, The Mindy Project, and Matthew Perry – wow…I just don’t see it.  The clip doesn’t do much to draw up interest either. I will probably not watch one episode.

Arrow – Wednesday 8:00 PM

Starring Stephen Amell, Colin Donnell, Katie Cassidy, & Willa Holland

My Thoughts: I like everything I have seen about this show, which is only this short clip.  It looks like its executed well and it’s the new home of Katie Cassidy – never a bad thing.  The bad news is that its in a tough timeslot against Survivor, X Factor, and The Middle/Suburgatory.  It’s definitely a different offering than the others which will help, but even on my night its #3 and will have to be seen online.

Beauty and the Beast – Thursdays 9:00 PM

Starring Kristin Kreuk, Jay Ryan, Max Brown, & Austin Basis

My Thoughts: I mystery laced version of the Disney classic will not get me at all.  I am not sure why The CW thinks that a mystery deep show will work on their network when it hasn’t worked on many of the larger networks.  I don’t have any draw to the cast, but it does get a plum time slot which will probably get its ratings higher than most other CW shows, but still cancelled.  Across other networks it is still fighting Greys Anatomy and Glee for similar viewers, but even I would rather leave that 2nd DVR spot empty.

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