‘The Amazing Race’ Recap: Chill Out, Freak

We begin the 5th leg of The Amazing Race in Bangledesh, finding out that James’, of James & Abba, dad has stage 4 cancer back at home.  He says its a new kind of motivation for the race.

James & Abba depart first after last weeks Fast Forward, and head out to the Jatrabari Market. I am not sure how I feel that the teams are not going to an airport right away for another leg.  Sometimes it is nice for the teams to catch back up as it makes the challenges more interesting.

Starting Places and Team Thoughts:

1) James & Abba – this rocker team acts the victim all of the time, and I am not a huge fan. They are a good team thought and shouldn’t be underestimated by the other teams.

2) Abbie & Ryan – I honestly think this is the team to beat. Younger, athletic, and strong communicators means they are in for the long hall. I’d be shocked to not see them in the finale.

3) Natalie & Nadiya – the “Twinies” won’t stop yelling, but I can’t even begin to dislike them. I know they would drive me crazy if I was on this race with them, but I thoroughly enjoy watching them this season.

4) Josh & Brent – the “Beekman Boys” which means nothing to me at all. They complain and whine and aren’t very good at the race. I expect them to be gone fairly soon.

5) Rob & Kelley – the monster truck couple is an interesting duo.  Nothing that I dislike, but nothing that makes me root for them.

6) Jaymes & James – the Chippendale’s have a lot of Southern twang and are strong, athletic men.  They haven’t been able to really succeed yet – will this be the leg they start?

7) Trey & Lexi – the cute little couple from UT-Austin. Hard to root against them and they should be higher than this spot. Would be shocked if they don’t make moves to the front soon.


The teams have to build a scale and balance wood and rocks.  James & Abba start the challenge before 4 of the teams even start the leg.  James has some trouble finding all of his materials, but ultimately doesn’t have much trouble and James & Abba finish the Roadblock before any other teams arrive and head off to the Detour!

Placings when leaving the Roadblock:

1) James & Abba

2) Natalie & Nadiya

3) Abbie & Ryan

4) Jaymes & James

5) Trey & Lexi

6) Rob & Kelley

7) Josh & Brent – had lots of issues with the scale and lost a lot of time!


Straw Dogs: separating straw and creating chunks of straw to be made into bags or Bamboo Jungle: carrying 40 pieces of bamboo only a bike-ish carrier and navigating the small streets to deliver the goods. Straw Dogs all the way! When all you have to do is pay attention to details, that’s a easy choice in my book.  Plus you don’t have to navigate the public streets.

Straw Dogs: Abbie & Ryan

Bamboo Jungle: James & Abba, Natalie & Nadiya, Jaymes & James, Trey & Lexi, Rob & Kelley, Josh & Brent

Placings after Detour:

1) James & Abba

2) Abbie & Ryan

3) Natalie & Nadiya

4) Rob & Kelley

5) Trey & Lexi

6) Jaymes & James – they forgot some of their bamboo and had to go back for more.

7) Josh & Brent

Pitstop: Lok Shilpa Jadughar

1) James & Abba – winners of their 2nd straight leg and winners of a trip for 2 to Malaysia’s tropical rainforest.

2) Abbie & Ryan – Ryan isn’t happy because they aren’t setting records. I guess going for $2 mil isn’t good enough.

3) Natalie & Nadiya – tells the lady that greets them a the finish they are sisters and “sisters from another mother.” They’re great.

4) Rob & Kelley – just excited to be in the race still.

5) Trey & Lexi – a very solid leg for this team to move up 2 spots.

6) Jaymes & James – they reacted like they thought they were last.  A solid team if they can put it all together.

Last place) Josh & Brent – our first non-elimination leg of the season saves the Beekman Boys for another week.  They probably should have been gone weeks ago, and will probably go next week.  They will encounter a Speed Bump in the next leg to try to stay in the race.

photo credit: CBS


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