LUCKY 7 Advance Review 1.01: “Pilot”


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This year I am going to covering ABC’s new drama Lucky 7 for Voice of TV and splitting time with Drew Reeves.  I was given the opportunity to check out an advanced copy of the pilot and I can say that I am glad that I did.  This is actually one of the pilots I am most excited about this fall, even if that comes as a shock to most of you. I like the simple premise of the show and that its really about these core people and their one central connection.  I loved the premise when NBC did it with the summer show Windfall and I am interested in this new version as well.

Lucky 7 is about a group of convenience store workers, led my Matt Long (Private Practice, Jack & Bobby), that together enter the weekly lottery, hoping to one day hit it big and change their fortunes – (not a) spoiler alert! – but they eventually win!  There are a few hiccups in the group however, which I think will add a nice wrinkle to the entire group. One group member stopped entering the contest [obviously they win now] and was saving his weekly payment, another was short on cash that morning [uh huh] and was covered by a co-worker. This should come up as the money inevitably starts to change some people.

What I enjoy about this pilot is how it really sets up where these people are in their everyday lives.  Someone is obviously having marital issues but doesn’t want to accept it – but will they once this money comes into their life?  Another tried to find another way to get quick money that just as quickly blew up in his face.  These types of story-lines, while slightly cliched, make me hopeful that the show can continue to develop stories for all of the characters.

I think this show is going to have some nice heart to it as well. Long’s Matt Korzak will be able to use the money to finally get his feet settled with is new, young family.  A single mother will try to give her daughter a great life without her past coming out. The store owner will try to buy the store and improve on the working conditions for all involved.  I like the different story-lines that can be taken into different directions and families, while still keeping the core within the convenience store 7.

I am not sure how much this show will resonate with viewers since this premise has been documented in a few movies and with the lack of success for the aforementioned Windfall. While that show aired in the summer, hopefully Lucky 7 can build an audience on Tuesdays at 10:00 PM.  I know I’ll be watching.

Photo Credit: ABC

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