HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER Review 9.01 & 9.02 | The Locket & Coming Back


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How I Met Your Mother made its final season debut last night and it mostly didn’t disappoint.  The episodes showcased how Lily met the mother, that Ted wasn’t actually done with his feelings for Robin, duh, and just gave Marshall something to do.  I want to look at each character separately.

Lily | While driving with Ted to Farhampton, Lily became enraged with Ted’s ridiculous road trip antics: using driving gloves, driving incredibly slow, and stopping at most tourist traps. So she talked Ted into dropping her off at the train station and joined the same car as…The Mother! Lily was frantic and this led to how she met the mother: getting offered a cookie in order to calm down.  Lily was still not convinced that Ted was done with Robin and spent the majority of the 2nd half of the hour drinking heavily to get past the thoughts that it had been so long since she had seen Marshall and baby Marvin.

The Mother | While talking about how ridiculous Ted was being with Lily, we learned how much she was exactly like Ted and was just agreeing with Lily out of comfort. She threw around jokes and it’s already clear that she matches Ted’s personality, even before we see any interaction.

Marshall | I am just going to say that I hated everything they did with Marshall and it has nothing to do with guest star Sherri Shepherd (The View, Less Than Perfect).  I just didn’t get it. Yes he didn’t want his mother’s facebook picture to be the reason Lily finds out about his new job. That was the entire gist of the storyline that gets them taken off the plane and then a storm makes it so they will have to drive together to New York City. I just didn’t get it.

Robin & Barney | They spent the majority of the episode in family drama, first worrying that their shared cousin was blood-related to both of them and later worrying about James’ impending divorce. They are both great, just not together.

Ted | We found out that Ted didn’t find the locket that he thought he had at the end of season 8, and with that contacted Stella to see if she had it. We later realize that he flew to California to look for it. Most people probably hate that he’s willing to do all of this to get back with Robin, but I don’t feel this way. I love them together, but we know they don’t work out and I’m confident that the writers and creators are going to work this out in the best way possible.

What I loved about this episode is how it set us up for the entire season. We got to see Ted and The Mother together, a year down the road, sitting at the same table that Ted was at. We got to see them kiss, and see The Mother make fun of him.

I think that we’re going to be see a lot of them together this year up until we see them actually meet, and I couldn’t be more excited. We were treated to an outstanding episode to set us up for the conclusion to an epic final season.

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  1. We JUST caught up to the current season! Netflix took FOREVER to put up season 8! Now we cannot watch the new season until we can catch up! I probably need to sign back up for Hulu but they like skipping episodes in a show’s season.

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