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Awkward. kicked off the 2nd half of Season 3 just hours after where we left off, when Jenna, excellently played by One Tree Hill’s Ashley Rickards, makes out with recurring guest star Nolan Funk’s (Glee, Warehouse 13) Collin at a party. Jenna is in a relationship with school heartthrob Matty McKibben, Desperate Housewives’  Beau Mirchoff.  While Collin was able to break it off with his previous relationship for Jenna – Jenna was not.

These two spend the entire episode trying to keep their affair a secret, despite making out in his car in the school parking lot, behind a pillar in the middle of the schoolyard, and while walking into Jenna’s own surprise party.  This party scene sets us up for whats to come next week.

In other story lines, Jessica Lu’s Ming has really taken a liking to her power as the head of the Asian Mafia.  She uses her new powerful phone to help get Fred into his preferred class, then has the fire alarm pulled so hey can see each other during school. While he does appreciate the love, there is also a warning that Becca could return.

Jillian Rose Reed’s Tamara spends most of this episode as Jenna’s right hand woman, talking to her about her decision of cheating on Matty after she seeings Jenna and Collin kissing in his car. Her boyfriend, the underutilized Brett Davern as Jake, does the same – simply stands by his best friend’s side.

The episode is essentially one long reveal of how Matty will eventually find out about Jenna’s affair with Collin.  The irony is that he finds out when Jenna and Collin are making out while walking into Jenna’s surprise party, which she knew about from Tamara, and her mother’s, lack of control with secrets.

Ultimately I love the fact that Jenna and Matty will be done for the time being. I have always preferred Jenna’s relationship with Jake over Matty, mostly because of the way that Matty treated Jenna before she was seen as a more-popular person at school. He was always ashamed and embarrassed of his feelings for her and essentially kept her as a side play thing. Now she is getting recognition from other guys and he will have to work to really win her back. That being said, I definitely don’t love what Jenna is doing on her end as well.  Her changed ways need to be addressed and it looks like this season will give her a rude awakening about her actions.

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