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May 25, 2012

The Return of the Running Bug…

So it’s been a while since I last posted and a lot has happened in that time…

The bad news – I hated the Body Blitz class I took at Gonzaga.  The cardio-pump style classes are not for me – aside from the fact they are more designed to lose weight, which is not my goal.

The good news – I loved the yoga class at Gonzaga. The class was led by Haley, who works out at Mellow Monkey Yoga in Spokane Valley.  I haven’t made it out there for any additional classes, but I am thinking about it.

I was swamped at work!  We had some changes in my office and I was thrown into the deep end at the worst time possible. Everything worked out just fine, but it was a crazy Spring.

I went to Vegas and Florida for a Bachelor Party/Wedding.

And this all leads me back to my post heading.  With all of these craziness in my life, I wasn’t able to continue with my morning runs. Add in the fact that I was not selected for the ING New York City Marathon and my running motor was on empty.  I know that I do still want to do another half-marathon and eventually a full, so I’ve slowly got back into it with some short, inconsistent running.  I went for a run on the Florida beach and for 2 of the last 3 weeks I have done the Flying Irish runs on Thursdays.  The Flying Irish is a running club in Spokane that runs a 3-3.5 mile run every Thursday evening.  It’s now hosted at a hotel and they have drink and dinner specials afterwards.  Its an awesome summer group to be a part of.

All of that is great and all, but what really got my back into it was being at the finish line for the Spokane Windermere Marathon this past weekend.  One of my friends was doing the race, along with his family, so after meeting his sister and brother-in-law for breakfast, we went down to the finish and watched the family finish their half-marathons.  Seeing those people cross that line and know that just 7 months ago that was me got me back in the mind-frame that I want to continue to do these races and get back into it.

So here I am, back claiming that I want to do another race without a race on my calendar to work for. I think that is an issue, but I am not sure when my next challenge will come up.  For now I will just get back into my running regimen and know that I am working for something greater.

March 18, 2012

And The Blend and Body Blitz Begins…


Now that work has finally settled down become manageable, I am again getting back into my workouts.  I am still planning on running either a half or full marathon this spring and will hear next month if I am accepted into the NYC marathon.

Here at Gonzaga, they do fitness classes in 2 sessions each semester.  Last semester I did the TRX classes .check out what TRX is here and how my first class went here. and actually really enjoyed them.  I clearly needed to adjust my diet some when doing the classes because I was burning more calories that I was consuming throughout those weeks. .more on this later this week.  With the change at work .my boss moved to Seattle, so I have taken over that role. the times that TRX are offered this session just won’t work with my schedule.  TRX was a great core workout, so I am going to look into other areas in Spokane that offer the class on the cheap.

All of this brings me to this sessions classes and I have decided to quad the workouts that I am doing through the RFC.  Last session I did TRX once a week.  This week begins the session two classes and I will be doing The Blend twice a week and Body Blitz twice a week.

The Blend: combines Yoga and mat method based on Pilates to enhance muscle strength and length.  The Blend is also designed to improve posture, flexibility, & physical awareness.  Great for stress reduction!

Body Blitz: an energetic, high-intensity, total body workout that incorporates intervals of cardiovascular exercise and strength training.

The thing about it is that they are back-to-back in the evenings, with a 10-minute break separating the two.  I’m excited and anxious for these to begin.  I have done 1 yoga workout in my life, and it wasn’t the best. My excuse was my lack of flexibility, but I think that was basically just my excuse. I am excited to hopefully get a little flexibility and I hope the classes combine to really push me.

This will likely mean that my runs will need to be MWS and will probably reserve TR mornings for biking, but we’ll see how I am feeling once all of this has hit me this week.

Photo courtesy of Details‘s article on Adam Levine’s yoga lifestyle.  Let’s just say that if this works for me like it does him, I wouldn’t be upset.  Click on the picture to see the article.

January 3, 2012

will I win the lottery…into the ING NYC Marathon?

It’s early in 2012, and I have never been one to make resolutions. I don’t think they ever last for people and if I want to make a change, then I don’t need to wait for Jan. 1st.  In November I once again watched the ING NYC Marathon on television and decided that I should apply for the lottery this year.  It just so happens, that the lottery opens at the start of the new year, so this seems like a resolution of sorts.  Applications went live on Jan. 2nd, and I was signed up by 10am.  So I very well could be running my first full marathon this year through NYC, but who knows if I will even get picked, or if I won’t do another one earlier this year.  We’ll see on April 23rd if I am running through the boroughs in Nov. ’12.

photo courtesy of Massage Williamsburg