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June 5, 2013

The Workouts Return…

6am-clock1And we’re back…

After again being at the finish line of a marathon event that I wasn’t a part of, the fitness bug has bitten me again.  Go head and see previous experiences here.

Last week was the start of another plan to get back into a workout mode. I decided that I wanted to workout twice a day.  So I made a plan and here is what it looks like:

Mondays: morning run | after-work weights

Tuesdays: morning walk | after-work rowing & core

Wednesdays: morning run | after-work weights

Thursday: morning walk | after-work indoor bike & core

Friday: morning run | after-work weights

Saturday: rest day!! Maybe some Community Yoga with Lululemon Spokane.

Sunday: (longer?) run

So far, everything has been great. My runs have been between 2.5-3.5 miles each and the weather has cooperated so far.  If this keeps up, then I will start to look at signing up for my first full marathon…we’ll see how it goes.

May 25, 2012

The Return of the Running Bug…

So it’s been a while since I last posted and a lot has happened in that time…

The bad news – I hated the Body Blitz class I took at Gonzaga.  The cardio-pump style classes are not for me – aside from the fact they are more designed to lose weight, which is not my goal.

The good news – I loved the yoga class at Gonzaga. The class was led by Haley, who works out at Mellow Monkey Yoga in Spokane Valley.  I haven’t made it out there for any additional classes, but I am thinking about it.

I was swamped at work!  We had some changes in my office and I was thrown into the deep end at the worst time possible. Everything worked out just fine, but it was a crazy Spring.

I went to Vegas and Florida for a Bachelor Party/Wedding.

And this all leads me back to my post heading.  With all of these craziness in my life, I wasn’t able to continue with my morning runs. Add in the fact that I was not selected for the ING New York City Marathon and my running motor was on empty.  I know that I do still want to do another half-marathon and eventually a full, so I’ve slowly got back into it with some short, inconsistent running.  I went for a run on the Florida beach and for 2 of the last 3 weeks I have done the Flying Irish runs on Thursdays.  The Flying Irish is a running club in Spokane that runs a 3-3.5 mile run every Thursday evening.  It’s now hosted at a hotel and they have drink and dinner specials afterwards.  Its an awesome summer group to be a part of.

All of that is great and all, but what really got my back into it was being at the finish line for the Spokane Windermere Marathon this past weekend.  One of my friends was doing the race, along with his family, so after meeting his sister and brother-in-law for breakfast, we went down to the finish and watched the family finish their half-marathons.  Seeing those people cross that line and know that just 7 months ago that was me got me back in the mind-frame that I want to continue to do these races and get back into it.

So here I am, back claiming that I want to do another race without a race on my calendar to work for. I think that is an issue, but I am not sure when my next challenge will come up.  For now I will just get back into my running regimen and know that I am working for something greater.

January 27, 2012

6am Workouts Are My Thing I Guess…

This past week I got back into essentially started my 6am workout routine.  I had decided to start going back to the gym before work back in December, but after 1 week, the students were gone for their break and the gym hours drastically changed.  Now this past week was their 2nd week back in session and Tuesday morning marked my early morning return to the Rudolf Fitness Center.  As you know, I am planning on training for a marathon, and while I haven’t started an official training program just yet, I am still getting some short runs in to stay in better shape.  The other thing that I am focusing on is my core and sticking to a few key workouts and planks to get that jump started.

Running in the winter is my favorite the worst thing I can think of when it comes to fitness.  I am not a huge fan of running on a treadmill because of the stationary nature of the beast.  I also don’t like to run on the indoor track because you run by the clock every lap and the clock only moves 1 min every time and that does nothing for making the time feel faster.  Lastly, during the hours of the day that I am able to run, it is still pitch dark outside and not safe for running, especially in the snow, ice, and non-lite areas that I live.  This week I have settled for the treadmill because its the one I can most handle, probably definitely because of the TV’s available for viewing.

So the week went great and I am looking forward to another week of solid workouts.  I am mixing running and biking as the cardio and getting in about 20 minutes of solid core workouts in before heading back home to get ready for work.

Added bonus: I have yet to have a puking attack since the return, but I’ll keep you posted if it returns.

October 9, 2011

Well that was better than expected…

Well I just finished the half-marathon of the Spokane Marathon race, and I’ve got to say it went a lot better than I expected.  Here is a rundown of what I was going through race day:

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August 22, 2011

So We’re Going to Run a (Half) Marathon…

Endurance races have long been something that I would love to do, but something I never wanted to train for. I have run Bloomsday, a 12K race that features 50,000 people, in Spokane twice without any training and it wasn’t great either time.  Both races featured the tendinitis in my knees, thanks Emerald Down valet job, would flare up about mile 4.  I would end up doing a run/walk for the last 3-4 miles and finished right around 1:20 both times.

Now I’m talking with my good friend Jude deTar and he has always wanted to check a marathon off his to do list.  We decide to run one and we look up the Spokane Marathon.  Lucky for us it’s coming up; unlucky for us, its only 7 weeks away.  Jude decides he wants to push for the full marathon, but I know that I won’t be able to accomplish the training required to do a full marathon in only 7 weeks, so I opt for the half.  So here we go, I’m going to start training and sign up a little bit closer to the date if I think the training is going well.  We’ll see how this goes…

photo courtesy: Spokane Bloomsday