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October 24, 2012

Talking with ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Creator & EP Dick Wolf

Law & Order: SVU celebrates reaching milestone episode 300 this Wednesday, October 24th by tackling a subject that brings back memories 13 years in the making. Creator and Executive Producer Dick Wolf recently spoke with the media about SVU and the 300th episode.

I had the opportunity to ask Wolf this question:

What the current season has in store for everyone’s favorite detective, Olivia Benson, played by Emmy-winner Mariska Hargitay.

“I think that what you’re going to see is Olivia going through an evolving sense of who she is, what her job is, where she is going.

I mean one of my favorite scenes of the recent past on any of the shows was the last scene in this one with Mariska and Katy [Kathryn Erbe] because if you have the knowledge, that I know a lot of the fans do, about the intricacies of the back story and the emotional relationships with both Mariska and Katy and Chris [Christopher Meloni] and Vincent [D’Onofrio] I thought it was fabulous.”

To read on about the rest of the call, please see Talking with ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Creator and Executive Producer Dick Wolf, and as always visit the Voice of TV for all of your TV reviews.

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May 26, 2012

#RoofReacts to NBC Fall Trailers

Trailers for most of the new fall series have been spread across the internet in the few weeks since the 2012 Upfronts and they always bring a mixed bag of thoughts and feelings with them.  Here is a series of posts of my reactions to the new shows on network television for Fall 2012.  These views are based on what I see in the trailers below and remember that I am picky with my thoughts.


Here are the trailers for the NBCs new fall shows.  They are bringing in a lot and they are desperately hoping that a few of them stick. NBC is so up in the air all the time that I can’t have a strong grasp on them as an overall network.  I greatly enjoy some of their stuff, but then can’t stand other “prized” offerings.  NBC has me scheduled with A) their reality offerings: The Voice, The Biggest Loser and B) quality dramas: Parenthood, Law & Order: SVU


Go On – Tuesdays 9:00 PM

Starring Matthew Perry

My Thoughts: I love the “march sadness” joke in the trailer and Matthew Perry is still great.  It also has the old janitor basketball star from ‘Air Bud’, which is only good things in my book.  I am not sure how long he can stay in the recovery circle and have it feel authentic, but it doesn’t look horrible.  Unfortunately for it, its up against New Girl, Happy Endings, and NCIS:LA which only means very strong competition.  I think it gets moved quickly or cancelled.  I’ll catch it online to start with, as nothing is getting past Happy Endings and FOX takes too long to release shows online.

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