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July 13, 2012

Recap: ‘Big Brother 14’ Premiere – We’ve Got Coaches!

Big Brother is back and my summer can officially start. Okay, it started when we decided to have a full week of 95+ degree weather, but this is the unofficial start for me.  I am happy to be able to review Big Brother this season for The Voice of TV.  Check out my recap and thoughts on the Big Brother 14 Premiere.

July 13, 2012

‘Baby Daddy’ Review 1.03: The Nurse and the Curse

Baby Daddy returned to ABC Family this week after having the holiday off last week with their strongest episode to date.  Tahj Mowry is killing it as Tucker, and the show is hitting its stride.  I am covering the show weekly for The Voice of TV and check out my review of 1.03: The Nurse and the Curse.

If case you missed it, here is My Talk with Tahj Mowry: His Return with Baby Daddy.